The LEO Foundation Award 2009 – Silver Award

Grantee: Dr. Ilkka Helanterä

Amount: DKK 500,000

Grant category: LEO Foundation Awards

Year: 2009

Geography: Finland

Presented to promising young Finnish physician and scientist Ilkka Helanterä who, at age 31, has already contributed significantly to the field of transplantation nephrology, both in the laboratory and the clinic.

Following his dissertation in 2006, Dr. Helanterä continued his research at the Helsinki University Hospital nephrology clinic, where he published several clinically relevant studies focusing on viral infections after transplantation and the pathogenesis of chronic allograft nephropathy. Dr. Helanterä will undoubtedly be a significant contributor in the international nephrology field in the future.

The LEO Foundation Award 2009 – Gold Award

Grantee: Dr. Christian Vestergaard

Amount: DKK 1,000,000

Grant category: LEO Foundation Awards

Year: 2009

Geography: Denmark

Presented to Danish dermatology researcher and dermatologist Dr. Christian Vestergaard, Department of Dermatology at Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark.

Dr. Vestergaard is a young talented scientist with an outstanding record of internationally recognised publications, and innovative ongoing research projects within the frontier fields of skin immunology and skin cancer. The award supports and acknowledges his work, and recognises his important role – linking basic science to the understanding of clinical questions.