Are you a grantee?

Grantee reporting

The LEO Foundation is using the online reporting system, Researchfish® in addition to annual status reports, to monitor progress of the research projects we fund.

Researchfish® is widely used among both Danish and foreign funding institutions. The system allows researchers and research institutions to easily manage their research portfolio and to report simultaneously to all funders using the system.

Below, you can find a guide to the reporting system with information on grantee reporting requirements as well as how and for which purposes the LEO Foundation uses the data entered into the system.

Here, you can also find links to the most relevant help documents provided by Researchfish® – including the User Guide.

LEO Foundation Guide to Researchfish®

LEO Foundation Guide to Reporting Requirements and Usage of Data in Researchfish®

For questions relating to scientific input, please contact Scientific Officer Lars Kruse:

For any additional questions relating to technical issues, please contact Researchfish Support:

Terms and conditions

Communicating your research

The LEO Foundation has no intellectual property rights to results coming from our philanthropic activities.

However, we prioritize that the results are shared with the public, patients and healthcare professionals – for example through publication in peer-reviewed journals, oral presentations, or public awareness campaigns.


For the sake of openness about funding sources, it should be made visible (in publications, on relevant websites, etc.) that your project is funded by the Foundation, preferably using our logo.

Example: “This project is/was supported by the LEO Foundation (Grant #LF-OC-20-000xxx)”.

Please contact the grant team for further information

Ida Brams

Chief Grant Officer

Ida is responsible for the LEO Foundation’s grants and awards and for the Foundation’s grant strategy.

Ida’s background includes both R&D, project management and strategy work at LEO Pharma. Before joining LEO Pharma, Ida worked at the Carlsberg Laboratory.

Ida holds an MSc in chemical engineering and a PhD in organic chemistry, both from the Technical University of Denmark.

Joined the Foundation in 2017.

+45 25 66 40 67

Lars Kruse

Scientific Officer

Lars is responsible for coordinating the Foundation’s grants and handles scientific and administrative matters relating to the Foundation’s donations. He also works on further developing the philanthropic area.

Lars has a scientific background having worked in academic research for 16 years on projects ranging from molecular mechanisms in migraine over COPD to sleep disorders and osteoporosis.

Lars holds an MSc in human biology and a PhD in neuroscience, both from University of Copenhagen.

Joined the Foundation in 2017.

+45 30 46 42 91