4 May 2022

Safia, Isabella and Maja from Egå Gymnasium are this year’s winners of the LEO Foundation’s Rising Star-prize – an award that honors young, curious talents who might be the research stars of tomorrow.

The LEO Foundation’s Rising Star-prize, awarded at the Young Scientists (Unge Forskere) competition in Denmark, is an award to strengthen the pipeline of future researchers. This year’s winners, Safia Øllegaard, Isabella Nüssler and Maja Schmidt, from Egå Gymnasium in Denmark are sure candidates to do exactly that, as they wowed the judges with their study on the correlation between mental illness and genetics – the group of young scientists believing that their research may even be able to establish a way of predicting mental illness through analysis of data.

A prize for future stars

The three young scientists scored highly on their innovative thinking as well as their study’s relevance to a current health issue. But it was equally the group’s enthusiasm, curiosity and engagement in delivery that won them this year’s award.

There’s no doubt that the young group have a passion for research running through them, and the LEO Foundation awards this year’s prize with confidence that the researchers have the full potential to become future stars.

“Participating in this year’s Young Scientists competition and meeting so many dedicated, curious and creative young minds has been an absolute pleasure. To meet young researchers with the potential, talent and desire to solve some of the future’s challenges is truly inspiring, and the Young Scientists competition does an excellent job at orchestrating this talent.”

Peter Haahr, CEO, The LEO Foundation

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