The LEO Foundation Award 2019

The LEO Foundation is excited to reveal the winner of the LEO Foundation Award 2019, Region Americas:

Maksim Plikus

Maksim Plikus is Associate Professor at the Department of Developmental and Cell Biology, School of Biological Sciences, University of California, Irvine, USA

He receives 100,000 USD for his research in skin stem cells and regeneration.

The LEO Foundation Award 2019 has just been presented by The LEO Foundation Chief Grant Officer, Ida Brams, at a ceremony at the SID Annual Meeting in Chicago.

“I’m very proud to present the LEO Foundation Award 2019 Region Americas  to Maksim Plikus,” Ida Brams smiles. “He is such a brilliant researcher and a great storyteller – congrats Max!”

A major direction of Maksim Plikus’s reseasrch aims to understand how skin uses selforganization to efficiently manage its stem cells. Among other things, he has discovered that thousands of hair follicles rely on distant signal-producing cells to coordinate their collective regeneration over the entire skin.

“Indeed, I am very excited and honored to be the recipient of this prestigious LEO Foundation Award,” says Maksim Plikus.

The Global Review panel was very excited about Maksim Plikus and said among other things:

Max has innovative research ideas and the scientific results obtained from his work have significant translational value

Max’s research is highly original and shows incredible vision – and his work is already having a major impact on dermatology

Max’s research challenges paradigms and he shows potential to become a leader in the field

Max’s work is highly innovative, exploring new frontiers with high-risk high-reward ideas – and his future career will be incredible

To read more about the LEO Foundation Award and the Global Review Panel, please click here


Chief Grant Officer Ida Brams,