At the LEO Foundation, we aim to be transparent and accountable for all our actions – reflecting our core value of integrity.

We have set up a whistleblower scheme to provide a safe and anonymous way of voicing any suspicions of serious irregularities or unlawful behaviour within the LEO Foundation or in connection with the Foundation’s activities. 

The whistleblower hotline is a voluntary alternative to other communication channels. Your willingness to report unethical behaviour is important to us and we recommend employees, applicants, grantees, collaborators, business partners and others related to the LEO Foundation to come forward with their concerns.

What to report?

The whistleblower hotline can be used solely to report serious violations of laws, rules, policies, etc. Less serious issues such as salary dissatisfaction, collaboration difficulties, rejection of applications, etc., cannot be reported through the whistleblower hotline, but should be communicated to the Foundation via regular channels.

Any reports concerning LEO Pharma A/S and/or its subsidiaries must be made via LEO Pharma’s whistleblower hotline.

How to report?

Click on the link below if you want to report a suspicion of serious irregularities or unlawful behaviour in the LEO Foundation.


For detailed information about the whistleblower scheme including information on how reports are handled and guidelines for reporting, please refer to the Guidelines for the LEO Foundation’s whistleblower scheme.

For information about the handling of personal data, please refer to the Privacy policy for the whistleblower scheme.