12 January 2024

A mini-marathon challenging the youngest students within the natural sciences, a new learning approach towards mathematics, and science olympiads challenging and inspiring high school students. The LEO Foundation supports three stimulating projects which will nurture interest in the natural sciences amongst students of all ages. The three projects receive a total of DKK 6.3 million.

The LEO Foundation’s education and awareness grants are given in open competition to initiatives with the potential to strengthen the pipeline of future researchers within the fields of medicine, chemistry, and pharmacy, and to raise awareness about science, including skin and skin diseases.

In the latest round of education and awareness grants, Naturvidenskabernes Hus, Professionshøjskolen Absalon, and ScienceOlympiaderne receive a total of DKK 6.3 million for their projects.

Read more about education and awareness grants here

Photo: Naturvidenskabernes Hus