5 April 2022

Anne-Marie Engel is appointed Chief Grant Officer of the LEO Foundation effective 1 June 2022.

With the overall aim of improving the lives of people living with skin diseases, the LEO Foundation is committed to supporting skin research of the highest quality, in order to discover more about the skin, skin diseases and skin health. We have high ambitions for our philanthropic activities and plan to increase our funding significantly in the coming years. 

To lead and further develop the Foundation’s growing grant activities, Anne-Marie Engel is appointed new Chief Grant Officer effective 1 June 2022.

“I am extremely happy that Anne-Marie Engel has agreed to take the important task of leading and further developing the Foundation’s philanthropic activities. Anne-Marie will spearhead our ambitious grant strategy and contribute to the creation and further development of world-class skin research environments. I am looking very much forward to welcoming her on board,” says Peter Haahr, CEO of the LEO Foundation.

Anne-Marie Engel holds more than 15 years of experience in grantmaking and strategic foundation work. She joins the LEO Foundation from a position as Program Director at the Novo Nordisk Foundation focusing on large strategic grants within the biomedical area. Prior to that she held various positions at the Lundbeck Foundation, including Director of Grants. She holds an MD and PhD degree from the University of Copenhagen and has worked as a scientist specializing in tumor immunology and the basic mechanisms behind tumor metastases for many years.

Anne-Marie hopes to put her vast knowledge and experience to full use in her future work to ensure continuous development of the LEO Foundation’s grant activities:

”The LEO Foundation has built a solid and scalable philanthropic model providing grants to much-needed skin research, and supporting a thriving skin ecosystem as a platform for creating global impact for people living with skin diseases. I am truly excited to lead the next phase of unfolding the Foundation’s significant potential as one of the world’s largest private funders of dermatology research,” says Anne-Marie Engel.

About Anne-Marie Engel

  • 2019-2022: Senior Program Manager, and subsequently Program Director, Novo Nordisk Foundation
  • 2005-2019: Assistant Director, Director of Grants, Head of Talent and Career Programs, Lundbeck Foundation
  • 2004-2005: Senior researcher, Statens Serum Institut
  • 1996-2004: Postdoc, the Bartholin Institute, Copenhagen University Hospital
  • 1997: PhD, University of Copenhagen
  • 1991-1995: Basic research, tumor immunology
  • 1989-1990: Clinical research, asthma and allergy, Copenhagen University Hospital
  • 1989: MD, University of Copenhagen
  • 1962: Born in Hellerup, Denmark

About the LEO Foundation

The LEO Foundation is one of Denmark’s largest commercial foundations and an engaged majority owner of the pharmaceutical company LEO Pharma. Established in 1984, the Foundation’s main objective is to ensure the company’s long-term development and success.

Besides the ownership, the Foundation provides philanthropic grants with the aim to support the best international research in skin diseases and make Denmark a global beacon for skin research. 

In addition, the Foundation owns financial assets of around DKK 17 billion. The main objectives of the investments are to ensure continued capability to support LEO Pharma’s long-term development and provide funds for philanthropic activities.

Read more about the LEO Foundation’s history, focus and ownership structure here