10 December 2020

Liv Eidsmo from Karolinska Institutet in Sweden is appointed Professor at the University of Copenhagen and recruited as new Executive Director at the LEO Foundation Skin Immunology Research Center. Her ambition is to tackle the big challenges in skin immunology by strengthening the collaboration between the basic and clinical research and thus creating a leading international center for skin research.

Skin immunology research requires a strong connection between basic research and clinical dermatology. To meet this demand, Liv Eidsmo from Karolinska Institutet has been recruited as Executive Director at the LEO Foundation Skin Immunology Research Center (SIC) and appointed Professor at UCPH.

“SIC offers a seamless combination of basic research, clinical insights and cutting-edge knowledge and techniques that can be used to achieve groundbreaking results and thus contribute to a deeper understanding of the immunological mechanisms that drive human diseases in the skin. SIC brings together a critical mass of scientists tackling the same topic with a range of approaches and perspectives. My first priority will be to recruit new talent that complement the existing expertise and add synergy to the already strong faculty at SIC’,” Liv Eidsmo says.  

With the rapid development and accessibility of technology and knowhow, SIC engages in unravelling the secrets of the skin by bringing together the knowledge of highly specialized laboratories, scientists and clinical practices. The center was established in 2019 with a grant of more than EUR 50 million from the LEO Foundation.

CEO of the LEO Foundation, Jesper Mailind, is delighted that Liv Eidsmo wants to come to Copenhagen as the center’s Executive Director:

“In the LEO Foundation we strive to improve the understanding and treatment of skin diseases. Our grant to SIC is fully in line with this vision, and with Liv Eidsmo on board I am certain that SIC will develop towards becoming a global beacon for skin immunology research. Liv is a determined and internationally recognized researcher, who has demonstrated visionary leadership. We look very much forward to working with Liv Eidsmo in her new role,” says Jesper Mailind.

Liv Eidsmo transitions into her professorship in 2021 and takes over responsibilities as Executive Director in September 2021.

For me this position is a unique possibility to bring together scientists from different backgrounds to tackle the big challenges in skin immunology. I cannot imagine a more interesting place to work!” she ends.

About Liv Eidsmo

Liv Eidsmo began her career as a MD-PhD student at Karolinska Institutet and Karolinska University Hospital. After that, she moved to a postdoc position at the University of Melbourne in Australia. She returned to Sweden to start up her own lab at Center for Molecular Medicine (CMM) at Karolinska Institutet in parallel to clinical training in dermatology at Karolinska University Hospital.

Photo: Stefan Zimmermann