The COVID-19 is impacting all of us right now. Some of you may even be directly involved due to your expertise and competences. 

In the LEO Foundation we want you to know that we stand by you during these difficult times.

When this extraordinary situation has settled, we will listen to your needs – and discuss adapting your projects regarding e.g.

  • Grant timelines – acknowledging that agreed project plans, milestones and reporting deadlines may not be achieved in the timeframes originally set
  • Financial flexibility – acknowledging that you may face unforeseen expenses due to this situation

Whenever you have a need to reach out to us please do so.

Please contact

Ida Brams

Chief Grant Officer

Ida is responsible for the LEO Foundation’s grants and awards and for the Foundation’s grant strategy.

Ida’s background includes both R&D, project management and strategy work at LEO Pharma. Before joining LEO Pharma, Ida worked at the Carlsberg Laboratory.

Ida holds an MSc in chemical engineering and a PhD in organic chemistry, both from the Technical University of Denmark.

Joined the Foundation in 2017.

+45 25 66 40 67

Lars Kruse

Scientific Officer

Lars is responsible for coordinating the Foundation’s grants and handles scientific and administrative matters relating to the Foundation’s donations. He also works on further developing the philanthropic area.

Lars has a scientific background having worked in academic research for 16 years on projects ranging from molecular mechanisms in migraine over COPD to sleep disorders and osteoporosis.

Lars holds an MSc in human biology and a PhD in neuroscience, both from University of Copenhagen.

Joined the Foundation in 2017.

+45 30 46 42 91