The LEO Foundation appoints new member to the LEO Foundation Board of Trustees. The new board member is Lars Green, CFO and Executive Vice President, Finance, IT & Legal at Novozymes.

Lars Green has joined the Board of Trustees at the LEO Foundation annual meeting on 11 March 2020.

Lars Green has year-long and solid experience within finance and management based on 27 years at Novo Nordisk where he was appointed EVP for Business Services & Compliance and member of the Board of Directors. He possesses global insight and experience from living and working in both Japan and the US.

Today, he is the Executive Vice President (EVP) and Chief Finance Officer (CFO) at Novozymes and prior to that, he was a member of the Board and Chairman of the Audit Committee.

“I am delighted to welcome Lars Green to the LEO Foundation Board of Trustees. Lars Green has a strong understanding of corporate governance and solid experience within the pharmaceutical and biotechnical industry. It is crucial that the LEO Foundation’s Board of Trustees is composed by a variety of competences in order to handle the many tasks, we have as owner of LEO Pharma, asset managers and as a foundation with significant philanthropic activities”, says Chairman of the LEO Foundation, Lars Olsen.

Lars Green replaces John Mehlbye, who were not renominated due to the Board’s limits on age and overall term.

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