The LEO Foundation organisation is made up by a small and dedicated team of highly competent specialists.

Jesper Mailind


Jesper’s charge is to ensure the LEO Foundation’s active ownership of LEO Pharma, management of the Foundation’s financial assets, and to enhance the Foundation’s standing with the global scientific research community through grants to promising and groundbreaking research and relevant educational activities in dermatology in particular and life science in general.

His background includes top management positions in innovative Danish companies: President & CEO for Alectia A/S, RTX A/S and GN Resound A/S as well as Executive Vice President, GN Great Nordic A/S. Prior, he worked as Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing for Nycomed Pharma (now Takeda) and as associate with McKinsey & Company. He holds an MBA from Insead and a BSc in economics from Copenhagen Business School.

Other management positions
Etac Group, Non-executive Director of the Board
Sonion, Non-executive Director of the Board
RTX A/S, Non-executive Director of the Board

Contact: Call + 45 32 72 51 10

Ida Brams

Chief Grant Officer

As the foundation’s Chief Grant Officer Ida is responsible for leading and further developing the foundation’s grant strategy, including the handling of the planned significant increase of outgoing grants.

Ida’s background includes a strong career in both R&D and strategy work at LEO Pharma. Before joining LEO, Ida worked at the Carlsberg Research Laboratory. She holds an MSc in chemical engineering and a PhD in organic chemistry, both from the Technical University of Denmark.

Contact: Ida Brams or call +45 25 66 40 67

Morten Stampe Christensen

Chief Investment Officer

Morten’s responsibilities include securing the foundation sufficient financial capability to support LEO Pharma’s long-term continuation and independence as well as sufficient capital for LEO Pharma’s investments in research and business development.

Morten has previously worked at Danske Bank and BG Bank with a large array of finance and investment-related tasks: investment strategies, asset allocation, hedge funds, alternative investments and risk management to name some. Morten holds an MSc and PhD in economics from University of Aarhus as well as an MSc in economics from University of Southampton.

Contact: Morten Stampe Christensen or call + 45 32 72 51 10

Arne Mandøe

LEO Historical Archives & Museum

Arne’s main responsibility is to curate the rich LEO history through careful tending to the LEO Historical Archives & Museum. This includes ongoing collaborations with historians and scholars using the well-documented historical archives for research purposes, liaison to other historical pharmaceutical collections as well as tasks related to archiving.

Arne has previously worked for LEO Pharma A/S and the University Library of Copenhagen.

Contact: Call + 45 32 72 51 10

Mette Poulsen

Finance Manager

As the foundation’s Finance Manager, Mette is responsible for the organisation’s financial records and provision of financial guidance and support to the rest of the team at the LEO Foundation.

Mette’s experience includes positions as finance manager and business process consultant in Denmark and abroad with among other Ferring Pharmaceuticals and Danisco (Dupont). She holds a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, a CIMA certificate of business accounting as well as an MSc in biology.

Contact: Mette Poulsen or call +45 31 53 40 49

Peter Kjeldsen Hansen

Director, Legal and Business Development

Peter handles the foundation’s legal matters and acts as corporate secretary to the Board of Trustees. Furthermore, he supports the foundation’s on-going work in developing corporate strategies and forming new partnerships and collaborations.

Peter holds an MA in Law from Copenhagen University and is admitted to the bar. He has previously worked as attorney-at-law at LEO Pharma and Horten Law Firm.

Contact: Peter Kjeldsen Hansen or call +45 25 14 14 14

Lars Kruse

Scientific Officer

Lars works as grant coordinator and handles scientific and administrative matters relating to the foundation’s donations. He also works in close collaboration with Ida Brams on further developing the donation area in order to ensure maximal scientific and societal impact of the LEO Foundation grants and awards.

Lars has a strong and versatile scientific background having worked in academic research for 16 years on projects ranging from sleep disorders to molecular mechanisms in migraine over osteoporosis and COPD. He holds an MSc. in human biology and a Ph.D. in neuroscience, both from University of Copenhagen.

Contact: Lars Kruse or call +45 30 46 42 91

Signe Krabek

Head of Communication and Public Affairs

Contact: Signe Krabek or call +45 20 49 68 69

Lars Thørs

Senior Investment Director

Lars’ main responsibility is co-managing the Financial Portfolio of LEO Foundation. He works in close collaboration with Morten Stampe Christensen to secure the LEO Foundation’s investments a stable high return after inflation to ensure the financial capability to support LEO Pharma. Lars’ tasks include asset allocation, equity strategy, manager selection and alternative investments.

Lars has a strong background from the financial world in general and from investment strategy, risky assets and risk management in particular. He has previously worked at Danske Capital, Danica Pension and PFA. Lars holds a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration majoring in both Finance and International Management & Economics from CBS.

Contact: Lars Thørs

Pernille Mørch-Sørensen

Executive Assistant

Contact:  Pernille Mørch-Sørensen or call +45 20 86 17 84