Grants and Awards

The largest human organ is the skin. At any point in time one in every four persons will suffer from a skin disease, which is often visible and stigmatizing – and in some cases completely debilitating. Therefore, much more research in skin and skin diseases is required – in order to provide better diagnoses, treatments and perhaps even cures for the millions of people living with skin diseases.

Through our LEO Foundation grants and awards we want to make an impact and the aim of our philanthropic activities is to support the best dermatology research worldwide and make Denmark a global beacon for skin research.

What the LEO Foundation supports

We support research and activities that improve our understanding of the skin, including the medicinal, biological, chemical, and pharmacological mechanisms involved in skin diseases.

We also support research and activities addressing clinical issues among people who are in risk of developing, or have developed, a skin disease, including how it impacts their quality of life and the societal costs involved.

Finally, we support natural science education and communication activities, within the fields of medicine, chemistry and pharmacy.

The LEO Foundation has no intellectual property rights to results coming from our philanthropic activities. However, we prioritize that the results are shared with the public, patients and healthcare professionals.

Grants and awards

The LEO Foundation provides four types of grants and awards

  • Open competitiongrants, which are given to support the best dermatology research projects worldwide –  Apply here 
  • Strategicgrants, which are given to build, develop or strengthen excellent dermatology research within specific areas. The LEO Foundation will issue specific invitations for applications for its strategic grants
  • Education and awarenessgrants, which are given to support activities in Denmark that strengthen the pipeline of future researchers within the fields of medicine, chemistry and pharmacy, and raise awareness about skin and skin diseases. The LEO Foundation will issue specific invitations for applications for these grants
  • LEO Foundation Awards are given annually to outstanding young scientists from around the World, whose work represent extraordinary contributions to dermatology research

The LEO Foundation Board of Trustees approves all grants and awards. Further, the Board has established evaluation processes to ensure that the best research and the most qualified applicants are supported.

Not eligible for support

  • Graduate students and/or academic fees except Ph.D. tuition fees
  • Administration or overhead costs exceeding 5 %
  • Participation in domestic meetings or courses
  • Passive attendance at conferences
  • Travel by several persons from the same research unit or department
  • Expenses incurred prior to making an application or obtaining a grant
  • Research projects about skin cancer
  • Research projects involving commercial companies
  • Research projects involving commercial drug testing
  • Clinical trials and register-based studies testing medical compounds
  • Applications from other foundations or associations, including patient organisations
  • Moreover, applications that are not submitted online, or applications that are not in compliance with our application requirements and guidance are not eligible for support


Conflict of Interest Policy – please follow this link