Code of Conduct & CSR

Code of Conduct

Together with the rest of the LEO Group, the LEO Foundation operates in accordance with the LEO Code of Conduct. The LEO Code of Conduct ensures consistent actions and attitudes by addressing and resolving ethical and compliance-related issues that may arise in our daily work.

Integrity and transparency are cornerstones in all we do, and we believe that building and maintaining high standards is pivotal to our long-term success. Compliance with the LEO Code of Conduct is mandatory for all LEO Foundation employees and members of our Board of Trustees.

To download and read the LEO Code of Conduct, please visit LEO Pharma’s website. Click here

Corporate Social Responsibility

The LEO Foundation does not have a separate policy on Corporate Social Responsibility as the LEO Group’s business activities primarily reside with LEO Pharma. Click here to access LEO Pharma’s CSR strategy