New tool to help assess impact of LEO Foundation grants

In the LEO Foundation, we want to make an impact through our philanthropy – and all impact assessment starts with data collection. With a systematic tracking of data in the form of research output and outcomes we will be able to better understand the impact from the research we support.

Therefore, we have introduced a new reporting tool – Researchfish – which will help us collect data and understand what comes out of the research projects.

Researchfish improves understanding of research impact

LEO Foundation grantees having strategic and open competition grants are requested to report in Researchfish once a year on the output and outcomes of their research.

‘Scientific publications’ is the common reporting category. But when it comes to assessing impact it is of interest to look at other types of research output too, such as:

  • Collaborations
  • Engagement activities
  • Further funding
  • Research tools and methods
  • IP and licensing
  • Influence on policies and practices


“A reporting tool such as Researchfish helps us gather many different types of data from grantees, in a structured way,” says Ida Brams, the LEO Foundation Chief Grant Officer, and continues:

“It is vital, that our grantees report on their activities and results – for us to understand the overall impact of LEO Foundation supported research in the longer term.”

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