Annual Report 2018 – LEO Foundation

In the LEO Foundation, we take a long-term view on creating value and impact through active ownership, philanthropic activities and investments.

2018 marked our first year of full operation following the modernisation of the LEO Foundation’s governance model in 2017, and we now operate as an independent organisation exerting engaged and active ownership of LEO Pharma while managing our financial assets and developing our philanthropic activities.

Over the past two years, we have built a new organisation and developed the strategies that enable us to take the LEO Foundation to the next level. More than ever before, the Foundation stands ready to fulfill its obligations to ensure the long-term independence and success of LEO Pharma and support scientific research.

2018 milestones

  • The LEO Foundation’s strategies for active ownership, philanthropy and investments were reviewed and further developed
  • The LEO Foundation completed building processes and business systems, and established an active communication profile
  • The LEO Foundation expanded its organisation with expertise in the communications area and with further competences in the investment area
  • The LEO Foundation Awards were presented to two leading young researchers at the IID congress in Orlando, US
  • The LEO Foundation announced its largest commitment ever – a 10-year grant to the LEO Foundation Skin Immunology Research Center at the University of Copenhagen


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