The LEO Foundation supports the innovative Bloom Festival in Copenhagen with 500.000 DKK

Bloom Festival 2019

The LEO Foundation supports the innovative Bloom Festival with 500.000 DKK in 2019. The festival will take place in the beautiful and historic park of Søndermarken in Copenhagen 25-26 May 2019

“The LEO Foundation also supports natural science education and communication activities, focused on skin and skin diseases,” says Ida Brams, Chief Grant Officer for the LEO Foundation, and continues:

“We are very happy to support the Bloom Festival and stimulate the interest for science and nature – and perhaps even turn on a spark with some of the researchers of the future.”

The Bloom Festival’s ambition is to increase the overall quality of life and make research-based knowledge accessible and relevant to both the general population and the professionals.

The Bloom Festival in the park of Søndermarken unites the best from the festival sphere and the world of science. Bloom tackles life’s great questions, inviting its audience to take part in two days of debates, talks, ideas, and walks under the open sky in Copenhagen. Bloom presents some of the brightest researchers, scientists, philosophers, thinkers, and artists of our time.

The LEO Foundation shares the ambition of shedding light on the world of science – and this year in particularly on the largest human organ – the skin.

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