250 MDKK granted to skin research from the LEO Foundation since 2011

LEO Foundation has granted more than 250 MDKK to 75 different projects worldwide within medicine, chemistry and pharmacy since 2011

The grants have so far been given to research projects and some educational activities in 16 different countries, the majority to Denmark (~50%), USA (~30%), UK (~10%) and Germany (~5%). You can read more about the LEO Foundation Grants and Beneficiaries by clicking here

Strategic Grants

A strategic grant of 40 MDKK over 10 years was given for the first time
in 2016 to the LEO Foundation Center for Cutaneous Drug Delivery (LFCCDD), hosted at the University of Copenhagen. The aim of the center is to contribute to and integrate knowledge on skin as a barrier for drug absorption, on the one hand, and to understand the properties of drugs and excipients in specific drug delivery systems, on the other. To learn more about the LEO Foundation Center for Cutaneous Drug Delivery, click here

Grant applications 2018

Four times a year the LEO Foundation welcomes applications that improve our understanding of the skin, including the medicinal, biological, chemical, and pharmacological mechanisms involved in skin diseases. We have just finished Round 3 of 2018, where we saw an increasing number of applications, in particular from Denmark, but with rising interest from the US too.

You can read and learn more about our grantees but we can reveal that of the five grantees in Round 3 2018, two are from Denmark (Aarhus University and Bispebjerg Hospital) and three are from the US (Columbia University, Harvard University, and Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research).

In total they were awarded 12 MDKK to projects concerning atopic dermatitis, skin cancer, pigmentation and development of methods to optimize topical absorbance of drugs.

The application deadline for Round 4 has just ended 21 September, the next round being 3 January 2019.

You can read more about all the LEO Foundation grants and awards