Epidemiology of eczema disease in Denmark

Beneficiaries: Professor Torkil Menné & Professor Jeanne Duus Johansen, Gentofte Hospital, Denmark

Grant: DKK 2,828,000

The project involves several research groups at Gentofte Hospital in Copenhagen and is headed by Professor Torkil Menné and Professor Jeanne Duus Johansen.

The work aims to shed more light on the incidence of eczema in the general population and pave the way for improved prevention and treatment.

Eczema is the most prevalent of the skin disorders. It is not only one of the most common childhood diseases, but also a typical occupational disease, making it one of the most widespread diseases in the overall population. Eczema also results in substantial costs and loss of quality of life for patients.

Despite the disease prevalence, there is a shortage of data and research on eczema in the general population.

This project, which draws on a number of databases and disease registries unique to Denmark, aims to produce a detailed picture of the clinical and sociodemographic aspects of eczema in both the general population and the patient population.

Its specific aims are:

  • To describe the consequences of eczema in terms of health care, education and employment, and the development of co-morbidities
  • To explore the genetics behind eczema and its



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