Skin Proteomic Atlas – a spatially and cell-type resolved landscape of protein expression in the human skin

Grantee: Matthias Mann and Beatrice Dyring-Andersen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Grant: 100,000 DKK

The skin is an amazing and complex organ that comprises multiple layers and cell types that are functionally distinct.

The aim of this study is to characterize the molecular composition of the healthy human skin by creating an atlas of all the proteins expressed in healthy skin as a function of their spatial location as well as its major cell types.

This atlas, comprising the identification of a global proteomic composition of human skin, will provide an important resource to the community studying the physiology and cell biology of the skin and serve as a basis for future studies comparing the proteomes of inflammatory and oncologic skin diseases.

Publication of the skin atlas will be accompanied by a freely accessible and well-advertised web page portal where information on proteins of interest and their protein profiles in the layers of the skin will be easily available.